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About the two remaining pinch hits —

With the pinch hit deadline creeping closer, we realized that one person writing 2,000 words may not be possible. After speaking with these two participants, we've decided to take a different approach:

These pinch hits are now free-for-alls. This means that anyone may write fic of any length and submit it to the main archive. However, the archive will not go live until each of them has received 2,000 words worth of fic.

We have reopened posting to the archive, but please only post pinch hit fills there. (If you wish to post additional gifts, please use the treats archive.)

Please post only finished works, so we know for certain we can count your gift toward the 2,000-word goal.

We'll keep you updated on progress!

Pinch Hit #15

Request 1 by Inelegantly (Lir)

Fandom: 弱虫ペダル | Yowamushi Pedal

Kanzaki Miki/Kinjou Shingo
Imaizumi Shunsuke/Kinjou Shingo
Kinjou Shingo/Makishima Yuusuke
Imaizumi Shunsuke/Teshima Junta

Media Type(s): Fanfiction

Summary: For this one, you should probably just read my letter for further details, as this is my fandom with the largest number of ships.

Kinjou/Miki - gentle femdom, please. Kinjou is a captain and a leader and he deserves a break from being in control, a break which capable, personable Miki would be more than happy to give him. Also I love Kinjou being gentlemanly but uncertain/shy with girls.

Kinjou/Imaizumi - support and caretaking. This is a really gentle ship for me because Imaizumi is very brittle and fragile and in need of a lot of reassurance, something Kinjou is excellent at providing to him. Bonus points for domesticity.

Kinjou/Makishima - quiet understanding. Makishima is different, an irregular, and yet capable of working really well with Kinjou, who is someone very empathetic and understanding, but also more than a little bit weird in his own ambitious way.

Imaizumi/Teshima - gross unbalanced D/s. Teshima might get over his resentment of Imaizumi on the road but I want it to come back up in the bedroom. Teshima humiliates and pushes around Imaizumi and canon masochist Imaizumi is just Really Into That.

URL: http://aptly-poetic.dreamwidth.org/11419.html

Request 2 by Inelegantly (Lir)

Fandom: Love Live! School Idol Project

Ayase Eli/Sonoda Umi
Koizumi Hanayo & Yazawa Nico

Media Type(s): Fanfiction

Summary: Further details and suggestions will be in my letter.

With Eli/Umi, I love them as a mentorship with the potential to be so much more. Eli is student council president, a leader, someone Umi looks up to. When Eli finally joins muse, Umi is relieved that someone who understands her is in the group. I'd love to see anything where they bond over their similarities and where Eli is able to provide Umi stability and support that she might not receive from Honoka and Kotori, when she's used to playing that role within their second year triad.

With Hanayo & Nico, what I love about both of them is that they're the insiders, they are the two members of the group who know the idol industry inside and out and who (Nico especially) are hungry to succeed in this world they've familiarized themselves with. I love that they seem so opposite -- Hanayo is shy and understated, whereas Nico is forward and in-your-face -- but that they have this very personal point of commonality in how they see the goal they're working towards and I'd love to see that explored.

URL: http://aptly-poetic.dreamwidth.org/11419.html

Request 3 by Inelegantly (Lir)

Fandom: サムライフラメンコ | Samurai Flamenco

Konno Akira/Ishihara Sumi

Media Type(s): Fanfiction

Summary: What I love about Ishihara and Konno's relationship in the show is that it does not actually boil down to one-sided harassment. Konno is a sleaze with boundary issues, but Ishihara does relate to him on a personal level, is seen to miss their interplay when he does ease off from contacting her, and more important than anything else: she just flat out does not take his shit. I want to see the romanti-sexual extension of that, where Konno may be the pursuer, but Ishihara indisputably calls the shots. Further details in my letter.

URL: http://aptly-poetic.dreamwidth.org/11419.html

Request 4 by Inelegantly (Lir)

Fandom: Show By Rock!! (Anime)

Cyan/Retoree (Show By Rock!!)
Dagger Morse/Grateful King (Show By Rock!!)

Media Type(s): Fanfiction

Summary: The two ships I'm requesting are very, very different pairings, and there will definitely be further details in my letter.

For Cyan/Retoree, know that Retoree is my fave, the sweet tsundere daughter of my heart, and that all I truly want is for her and Cyan to be happy together. I am a sap.

For Dagger Morse/Grateful King, yes, I am entirely serious. I love relationships with a very specific power dynamic and ones where characters struggle for control, and the very nature of Dagger Morse's orientation toward Grateful King within the plot of the show makes for an unbalanced but fascinating relationship. Anything examining their difference of power and the complicated way in which they relate to each other will be entirely up my alley.

URL: http://aptly-poetic.dreamwidth.org/11419.html

Request 5 by Inelegantly (Lir)

Fandom: 銀の匙 | Silver Spoon

Komaba Ichiro/Hachiken Yugo/Mikage Aki

Media Type(s): Fanfiction

Summary: One of my favorite things in Silver Spoon is the balance between Hachiken's relationship with Mikage, Hachiken's relationship with Komaba, and Komaba and Mikage's relationship with each other. There are things each character does and does not understand about the others, and I'd love to see fic that explores that, fic which explores a balanced poly relationship between them, and fic which explores each of their individual dreams, how they can coexist together, and how these characters might honestly realize them. Further suggestions in my letter.

URL: http://aptly-poetic.dreamwidth.org/11419.html

Request 6 by Inelegantly (Lir)

Fandom: Hikaru no Go

Ogata Seiji/Shindou Hikaru
Ogata Seiji/Touya Akira

Media Type(s): Fanfiction

Summary: Ogata is my favorite under-appreciated character in Hikaru no Go. I love the specific but different ways in which he's a mentor to both Hikaru and Akira, and what I'd like most to see in fanfiction for these ships is the way in which that mentoring relationship might grow and change. Who is Ogata to Hikaru? Who is Ogata to Akira? What more could he be, under different circumstances? As long as Ogata's importance is a major feature in your work, I should be delighted. Further details in my letter.

URL: http://aptly-poetic.dreamwidth.org/11419.html

Request 7 by Inelegantly (Lir)

Fandom: Eyeshield 21

Hiruma Youichi/Kongo Agon

Media Type(s): Fanfiction

Summary: Hiruma and Agon are hands down my favorite characters in Eyeshield 21, for fairly similar reasons. They're both highly intelligent, "succeed by whatever means necessary" types, and more than anything I'd love to see what happens when two such personalities butt up against each other. I want to see them try to outdo each other, run a game on each other, destroy each other (fuck each other). This is a relationship where I feel the conflict should always be high, and if you can write to the spirit of that, I'll love it. Further details and suggestions will be in my letter.

URL: http://aptly-poetic.dreamwidth.org/11419.html

Pinch Hit #18

Request 1 by chaoticrandomness

Fandom: プリキュア | PreCure | Pretty Cure Series

Marie Ange/Jonathan Klondike (Precure)
Aida Mana | Cure Heart/Regina (Precure)

Media Type(s): Fanfiction

Summary: I enjoy both of these pairings and I don't really care what you write, as long is it's not NSFW.

URL: none

Request 2 by chaoticrandomness

Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth

Lantis/Shidou Hikaru/Eagle Vision

Media Type(s): Fanfiction

Summary: I'd like something set post-canon, and no NSFW.

URL: none

Request 3 by chaoticrandomness

Fandom: Dangan Ronpa - All Media Types

Nidai Nekomaru/Owari Akane
Sonia Nevermind/Souda Kazuichi/Tanaka Gundam

Media Type(s): Fanfiction

Summary: I want something set post-SDR2 dealing with SHSL Despair and rebuilding the world, and absolutely no NSFW, please.

URL: none

Request 4 by chaoticrandomness

Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers

Estonia (Hetalia)/Ukraine (Hetalia)

Media Type(s): Fanfiction

Summary: This is actually the request of mine I'm the most excited about. I love this ship, which no one writes for, and I want something set post-USSR with the pair of them dealing with independence and healing from what happened. No NSFW, please.

URL: none
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This is a really good idea, mods. I hope they get lots of fic.

The link to the treats archive is a little bit off somehow.

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But the rest of the pinch hitters are still supposed to post to the main archive, right? Sorry if I'm confused.
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hi! two of my friends can pinch hit these and I'm sending an email with details