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fgemods ([personal profile] fgemods) wrote in [community profile] fandomgrowthexchange2015-11-15 07:21 pm
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Looking back, we can see how some things worked...and how other things did not.

We already have a few thoughts for next year, if there's interest in a second round. For example, if we retain the 2,000 word minimum, we will have art guidelines more on par with that. (Most artists may not need these, but we recognize that they ensure a more balanced exchange of gifts.)

Additionally, the schedule will be structured to reflect the needs of this exchange. Because things were underway before we took over, we tried to treat this as much like other exchanges as we could, but that backfired on occasion. Next year, we will allow more time where needed, and because we'll be there from the start, we can set a realistic schedule which won't require us to push back dates.

But those are just a couple of our thoughts, and right now, we'd like to hear yours: What would you change? What would you leave as it is? Would you consider participating in a second round?

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