Aug. 3rd, 2015

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Hi there from your friendly mods who’ve taken over running this exchange!

First off, to anyone who’s still reading, thanks for sticking with it and giving us a chance to put things back on track.

For anyone who just joining us, we realize that some people might have missed what happened and why the schedule has changed.

The original moderator of this exchange was no longer available to run it for personal reasons. Four of us who are dedicated to seeing this succeed have offered to step in and take over. After looking at the already nominated tags we realized that a bunch of work needed to be done to address the concerns expressed by people over on the [community profile] fail_fandomanon community. Nominations were temporarily made private while we were working on them and in the cases where we’re not sure of the nominator’s original intentions, we’re asking people to be patient and get in touch to clarify things. Remember; we’re moderating this exchange because we love the little guy just as much as you do!

We know this exchange will draw in a lot of participants with very specific ideas about their favorite characters, fandoms, and pairings. No one can guarantee that someone else will have the same point of view you but we urge you to take a chance on your fellow participants. Nominate your favorites! And when you just happen to match on one of them, remember that you can provide optional details and a “dear author” letter to tell your author more about what you like.

I hope that seeing this post will reassure people and encourage you to come take a look at this exchange with fresh enthusiasm.


Your excited team of mods


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