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For origfic bingo:

Arc’s lying in bed, humming a lullaby to herself, before she stops and bites her lip. She glances across the room, but for once, her normally insomniac roommate is actually asleep, exhausted from over-training and getting thrown hard into the wall by another team member.

There’s always curiosity from Skylight, questions pooling in her eyes. Where did you hear that? Do you remember it? Do you remember?

Her mother used to sing her to sleep, and Arc still remembers her father tucking her in.

He betrayed her, let them bring her here.

She shakes her head and tries to forget.

The One (drabble) - 100 words of magic

Sep. 19th, 2017 06:01 pm
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Written for origfic bingo:

They called it ‘magic’, this feeling that was supposed to overwhelm her when she finally met the one.

Air tossed another cheap paperback book across the room, narrowly missing Shadow’s head. He shot her a raised brow glance from the dresser he was sitting on.

“Boring,” she said tightly. “Unrealistic.”

She picked up another book, then wondered why she bothered. She’d tried genre after genre, looking for something she could either relate to or believe in long enough to forget the things she related to.

She sighed, admitted quietly to Shadow, “He’s not magic. He’s real.”

It’s what she wanted.

Poetry Prompts

Sep. 19th, 2017 03:15 am
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I made sure I scheduled them before I moved so they wouldn’t be interrupted by the move, but it doesn’t seem like anyone’s getting much use out of them right now. Should I keep posting them?

Remix Revival

Sep. 18th, 2017 05:30 pm
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[community profile] remixrevival went live yesterday, and Remix Madness today and I had a remixed fic in each! (I didn't until late yesterday, though; only my regular Remix and then I poked at Madness and was startled to see that it had a Chalet School/DW crossover involving Miss Annersley and Seven, because it seemed extremely unlikely that someone else as well as me had done that, and they hadn't. It had just been slipped in while I wasn't looking!)

Anyway, in unexpected Remixes, my official Remix fic is a reworking of my old NYR 2009 Dungeons & Dragons fic, via a clever device:

Among the Shattered Tales (The girl once helped remix) (1235 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dungeons and Dragons (Cartoon)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Sheila "the Thief", Hank "the Ranger", Original Female Character(s)
Additional Tags: Implied Sheila/Hank
Summary: She has many stories, but for some reason a lot of people like this one.

And in my even more unexpected Remix from Madness, I have this really lovely little reversed-POV version of Each A Glimpse and Gone Forever in which Seven turns up on a train in time to help out a young and grieving not-yet-Miss Annersley; all the more pleasing because the original is an odd little piece I have a lot of fondness for:

In The Wink Of An Eye (Each A Glimpse, And Gone Forever Remix) (819 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chalet School - Elinor M. Brent-Dyer, Doctor Who
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Hilda Annersley, Seventh Doctor
Additional Tags: Remix
Summary: On the worst train journey of her young life, Hilda Annersley meets a kind - if unusual - stranger.

I see Madness doesn't actually close till the 25th, so maybe I should have another go, but for that I might need brain and mine got used up today dealing with insurance renewal, blah blah blah. (In the usual nature of these things, the simple thing is complicated by technology being disobliging because OF COURSE and is still only part done. Probably.)

Still, I am rewatching The Shadow of the Tower, so that keeps me reasonably happy. (I even dreamt the other night that James Maxwell held my hand for a moment. He was a fleeting sort of time ghost, part of a performance that had slipped through time to where I was lying, which apparently kept my pesky inner dream monitor from spoiling things with the usual "well, that isn't v realistic, we can't have this, and WHY ARE THERE BEES/isn't he dead etc. etc." Bees = totally implausible. Timeslip ghosts = perfectly natural and believable.)
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Hello, I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] kadma. Thanks in advance for writing/creating for me! Below, you'll find a list of my general likes and do not wants, followed by a short paragraph per fandom of prompts / suggestions, all of which are optional.
General Likes:
  • PWP / smut
  • feelings / introspection
  • missing scenes / codas
  • in-character dialog makes my heart race

  • het or m/m, even minor/background (unless present in canon)
  • illegal drugs (inc. marijuana)
  • animal abuse / death
  • alpha / beta / omega and bestiality
  • bodily fluids (kink and non-kink)
  • pregnancy & kid-fic
  • first person POV
  • out of character characters
  • crossovers

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
  • Alicia Fox
  • Asuka
  • Bayley
  • Charlotte Flair
  • Naomi Knight
  • Sasha Banks
Trick: AUs! AUs all day. Witchcraft, Vampires & Werewolves, Generic Slasher Movie, etc. These characters are so vibrant that they'd fit perfectly into all manner of occult alternate universes, and I'd love to see how you incorporate a shippy dynamic into your story. Of course, there's the dark route of Cultists, Human Sacrifice, Zombie Apocaplypse, etc. Go wild! An alternative is dealing with real-life horror stories: Alicia's struggle with mental illnesses & the way she's treated by others, Sasha succumbing to injury during a pivotal time in her career, Charlotte forever trying to step outside her father's shadow, etc.
Treat: Anything... femslash and domestic... would be a treat to me...! ;)
H2O: Just Add Water
  • Bella Hartley
  • Charlotte Watsford
  • Cleo Sertori
  • Emma Gilbert
  • Miriam Kent
  • Rikki Chadwick 
Trick: I'd love to see a darker take on a full-moon; perhaps one of the mermaids accidentally hurts someone close to them and has to deal with the consequences, or perhaps Charlotte discovers a way to utilise the full moon to her advantage in a twisted way. An alternate universe where the girls are another supernatural creature instead of mermaids could be interesting too!
Treat: I'd love to see a friends-to-lovers relationship with any of the protagonists. As for Miriam and Charlotte, they could both use some new friends... in each other? Perhaps they kept in touch when Charlotte left.
Stardew Valley
  • Abigail
  • Emily
  • Haley
  • Leah
  • Maru
  • Penny
  • Sandy 
Trick: While researching the occult, Abigail accidentally summons something... scary. Haley asks her sister (jokingly!) for a love potion because she's got a crush, and Emily, in all seriousness, gives her a cute little vial. Does Haley use it, and if so, what happens next?
Treat: Maru and Penny try their hands at pumpkin carving for the first time -- how does that go? Leah almost burns down her cottage trying to make a Halloween-themed sculpture: who helps her clean up? Sandy visits Pelican Town one Halloween.
As you can see, I'm a huge fan of femslash! Hopefully, these prompts gave you an idea of what sort of stuff I like. Oh, and happy Halloween! <3

15 Character Meme - the Answers (Part 1)

Sep. 17th, 2017 06:20 pm
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First, the Characters:

1. Silver (S&S)
2. G'kar (Babylon 5)
3. Beatrice Eliott (House of Eliott)
4. Missy (DW)
5. Adam Adamant (Adam Adamant Lives!)
6. Seventh Doctor
7. The Brigadier (DW)
8. The Cat (Red Dwarf)
9. Snow White (OUaT)
10. Bill Potts (DW)
11. Henry VII (The Shadow of the Tower)
12. Cassandra Cillian (The Librarians)
13. Orac (B7)
14. Dayna Mellanby (B7)
15. Servalan (B7)

Answers under the cut... )

Secret Projects

Sep. 15th, 2017 08:50 pm
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  1. Secret Project #1 has finally started to come together.

  2. Secret Writing Projects have definitively not.

  3. Same for crossovering and fandom growth exchange fics.

  4. I’ve got a chapter to read for a friend and have been tired with the snifflies all day (wild temperature swings and that time of month mostly).

Looking forward to the weekend. May yours be great!

Still Alive

Sep. 15th, 2017 09:29 pm
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I have just realised that I've not been posting here for a while so just checking in to let folks know I'm still here just been really busy.

I'm a carer for my elderly aunt, and I've been trying to arrange additional support for her. We've now got a lovely NHS Support Worker who is going to start taking my aunt out during the day, twice a week which will give me some free time and a chance to recharge my batteries, lol. Also hoping to get her on a waiting list for Sheltered Housing where there would be a Warden nearby in case she needs help. Moving into one would be perfect for night time as her next door neighbour is moving home and she is feeling vulnerable at the moment (although the area where she lives is quiet and the other neighbours are friendly and helpful). Also trying to get her to go to the local Social Club as she has indicated that she is feeling a bit lonely and wants to be around people her own age (she's 96).

I'm looking forward to the end of September/beginning of October as most of the shows I like to watch will be re-starting around that time. Although the summer lull has given me the chance to catch up on other shows, lol.

Sami is now fully recovered from her injury and is loving the new ball I gave her to play on the field with. Hopefully, the weather will stay mild so we can continue to go to the area as it can become like a swamp really quickly.

15 Characters Meme

Sep. 15th, 2017 09:19 pm
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I haven't forgotten the other meme, but you know what I haven't done for a year? Yes, that's right! The 15 characters meme. Well, that will never do...

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?", "Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?", "Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?"

3) After your f-list has stopped asking questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

Promptly Quotable #007

Sep. 14th, 2017 08:03 pm
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Write a poem about

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” — Lao Tzu

Poems do not have to match the prompt exactly. Prompts are only meant to inspire and be a jumping off point for your own creativity.

Poems can be posted in the comments directly or linked to your own journal.

Trick or Treat Author Letter

Sep. 14th, 2017 08:05 am
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Dear Trick or Treat Exchange Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me. :)

I’m open to lots of stuff and am so excited to get fic for one of my pairings. One thing I really want is a happy ending. I don’t like downer endings.

I have a list of my likes and dislikes; then, I go into more specific stuff about the fandoms I requested. There’s lots of stuff there, but, most importantly, I want you to have fun. I’m sure I’ll enjoy anything you make that doesn’t have my squicks. :)

Click on one of the links below, and it will take you to the part you want to read.

Likes and Dislikes
Life is Strange

Likes and Dislikes )

Fic: One Good Fall (Deserves Another)

Sep. 13th, 2017 02:39 pm
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Fic! 500 Prompts fic; also for a bingo square! (AU meme fic 1 down, 10 pending, shhh. I wrote a thing, anyway.)

Title: One Good Fall (Deserves Another)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1766
Characters/Pairings: Fifth Doctor, Clara Oswald
Notes/Warnings: Also for [community profile] hc_bingo square “falling.”
Summary: The Doctor finds himself hanging on for dear life yet again…

For [personal profile] romanajo123 in the 500 Prompts Meme: 020 Gaping chasm – Five & Clara.

Here at AO3 | at the Teaspoon.
[personal profile] scribblemyname

For origfic bingo:

The sand got stuck between her fingers and toes. Skylight studied the way it looked, barely paler than her skin, and let herself feel the grit.

She remembered still the grit between her teeth, that got stuck in her eyes, when her braid came loose from how she’d wrapped it and whipped into her face when the desert winds blew fierce out on a harsher ocean of sand. She’d been a fighter than, if little more than a child.

She waded out from under memory and stood on the front of an ocean of water instead.

New memories. Better ones.

Dear Trick or Treater!

Sep. 12th, 2017 10:19 am
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Firstly, oh my god, how awesome is this exchange, I can't believe how LATE I am discovering it! I'm so glad that you and I and your giver and my recipient and all of us are going to roll around together in such halloweeen-y goodness.

About Me
So hi, I'm V, thank you for writing or arting for me and I'm going to be so insanely happy with anything you create for me and I'm like the easiest recipient ever because barely anything is off the table. Normally I wouldn't put an about me section, in fact, this is the first letter I've written in years but Halloween is my Christmas, ok? I bloody love it, pun intended. I'm that one weirdo that still wants to trick or treat at 25 and one half of the only duo that dresses up at work for Halloween, and yes, people do think we're mad but we love it. From a young age, I always loved the supernatural and vampires especially so yes, this exchange is perfect and I can't wait to flail.

Trick or Treat?
Either! Both! Any and all the things! I'm also 10000% willing to participate in "extra" tricks and treats. I promise I'll be writing some, that's for sure. There are a lot more prompts that lean towards tricks but that's just how my mind works and don't feel swayed by it.

Fic or Art
Artists, I love what you do so much, you have no idea how jealous I am of your talent and I'm completely up for receiving art but I will apologise in advance if all my prompts sound like they are aimed at fic. It's not that I don't want art, I would really really love some but I'm a writer, my brain thinks in that way.

My letter is massive. Like really, really long with lots of lists and I don't blame you if you don't want to trawl through it so I'll say; TL:DR my DNWS are right at the top here and long story short I like Halloween themed things, darkfics and porn. Everything else below here is just bonus really. But I will love you forever if you can make it through this letter <3 None of these lists are in any real order, just as they came to me or as I saw them on other lists so please don't feel you have to write the first thing on the list because honestly, it's random as anything. IN FACT! I'm going to alphabetise them to completely muddle them up xD

(or because I'm British, "Would Really Rather Nots")
  • Animal abuse.
  • Anything gastrointenstinal, including scat and/or enemas.
  • Bugs/Spiders.
  • Crossovers with the exception those specifically requested below.
  • Curtain Fic or domesticity (forced domesticity is cool though)
  • Domestic violence.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Extreme underage (14+ at least for sexual content)
  • Eyes and fingernails.
  • Fisting.
  • Genderswap, especially Always-A-Girl.
  • Kidfic, either aged down or suddenly being married with 2.4 children (ageplay is cool).
  • Medical kink or medical scenarios.
  • Mundane AUs (coffee shop, highs school, etc etc) unless specifically requested.
  • Non-canonical disabilities.
  • Non-canonical gender identities or outside-the-box sexuality headcanons.
  • Originals characters/self inserts/imagines/"reader" fics. (One request allows for OCs but other than that)
  • Rape/Abuse is Love (Non-Con is fine, but it should be portrayed as a "bad" thing)
  • Self lubricating assholes.
  • Suicide or self harm.
  • Terminal illness.
  • Urine drinking/human toilet.
  • Vomit.


The Originals/TVD
  • Kol/Davina, Kol/Jeremy, Rebekah/Damon, Rebekah/Marcel, Rebekah/Matt, Klaus/Cami.
  • Please no het for this one, only femslash.

  • Peyton/Ravi, Liv/Ravi

  • Merlin/Gwen

General Likes (Tricks and Treats)
  • Anti-heroes and/or heroes that don't want to be heroes.
  • Any rating, including NC17.
  • Any consent level.
  • Bets/wagers.
  • Bickering/banter/UST.
  • Fairy Tale/Myth AU
  • Fix it AU
  • Forbidden relationships.
  • Forced Proximity.
  • Fork in the road/Turn Left AU
  • Fucked up relationships
  • Groundhog day/time loops.
  • Het/slash/femslash all game unless noted otherwise.
  • Historical AU
  • Incest ships, especially sibling incest.
  • Love/hate relationships
  • Miscommunication.
  • Moral ambiguity and moral characters having to get blood on their hands.
  • Origin stories.
  • Playing hard to get/teasing
  • Pre-canon, post-canon and filling in the gaps.
  • Predator/prey pairings
  • Pretend relationships turning real.
  • Role reversal.
  • Sex/smut/porn/PWP/whatever you want to call it. Nothing is too x-rated for me.
  • Sharks! Be it Jaws style or like The Shallows.
  • Supernatural AUs (as in, putting normal people in supernatural situations, not of the show Supernatural)
  • Threesome/moresomes/polyships.
  • Time travel AU
  • Unconventional relationships.
  • Unconventional sex acts.
  • Witchcraft and magic, including sex magic, blood magic and rituals.

Trick Likes
(these should all be dirtybadwrong things for the character and/or things they don't consent to. They can end up ultimately enjoying them though.)
  • Altered states (including drugging)
  • Angst, up to and including character death.
  • Asphyxiation/choking.
  • BDSM including forced scenarios and safewording (or safewords being ignored)
  • Blackmail/coercion.
  • Bloodplay.
  • Corporal punishment.
  • Creature fic, including supernatural bestiality (but not normal animal bestiality -- so werewolf in wolf form yes, dogs no).
  • Daddy/Mommy issues.
  • Dark characters/darkfic.
  • Dystopia.
  • Forced orgasms, especially involving oral sex/cunnilingus.
  • Fuck or die/something made them do it/sex pollen/pon farr.
  • Gangbang/bukkake/centerpeice of some sexual game.
  • Gunplay
  • Knifeplay
  • Magic gone wrong.
  • Mindfuckery of all kinds.
  • Mistaken identity.
  • Non-con and Dubcon, of all kinds and levels.
  • Orgasm denial/ruined orgasms.
  • Passengers AU -- you know the film with JLAW. (Portrayed as a horror/thriller scenario, not a romantic one)
  • Science gone wrong.
  • Sex slaves.
  • Sexual frustration.
  • Somnophilia.
  • Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Tentacles.
  • Torture.
  • Unrequited love.
  • Virgin sacrifices.
  • Virginity/innocence lost, either by dubious means or force.

Treat Likes (doesn't have to be fluffy or schmoopy, just good for the character)
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  • Body worship (ass, pussy, nipples, cock/balls).
  • Cunnilingus (being eaten out until female character doesn't know which way is up)
  • Edging and/or multiple orgasms.
  • Enemies to friends to lovers. (or two out of the three)
  • Female ejaculation/squirting.
  • First time fics.
  • Fuck buddies.
  • Huddling for warmth.
  • Hurt/Comfort including ~magical healing cock~
  • Masturbation, whether thinking about someone else or not.
  • Orgies
  • Porn/Smut etc, apply plot as desired or throw plot out the window.
  • Sharing a bed.
  • Truth or dare.

Kinky Likes (these can be tricks or treats depending on context and consent level)
  • Accidental stimulation.
  • Adrenaline fueled sex.
  • Age difference.
  • Ageplay
  • Anal sex including het anal and/or het/femslash pegging.
  • Animalistic behaviour.
  • Anonymous sex.
  • Barebacking.
  • Bisexuality.
  • Biting (including vampire feeding)
  • Blow-jobs
  • Bondage of any sort.
  • Breathplay.
  • Car sex
  • Claiming
  • Collars
  • Comeplay
  • Coming untouched.
  • Crossdressing
  • D/S
  • Dirty talk.
  • Discipline or punishment
  • Double Penetration and spit-roasting, any/all holes.
  • Exhibitionism and/or voyeurism.
  • Friction/frottage
  • Hand-jobs
  • Humilation (verbal or situational)
  • Incest or incest play.
  • Mutual masturbation.
  • Object penetration.
  • Orgasm control/delay.
  • Outdoors sex
  • Possessiveness or jealousy
  • Powerplay
  • Public sex.
  • Pushy bottom/topping from the bottom.
  • Religion kink or religious themes.
  • Restraints
  • Rimming
  • Rough sex.
  • Sadism/sadomasochism
  • School girl outfits.
  • Selfcest and Doppelcest.
  • Sensory deprivation/sensory overload.
  • Sex toys.
  • Sex with clothes still on or partly on
  • Shower sex.
  • Sixty-nine.
  • Size difference.
  • Size queen.
  • Spanking.
  • Teacher/Student or T/S roleplay.
  • Virginity.
  • Watersports (desperation, control, wetting and/or golden showers but not drinking/human toilet)
  • Wet dreams/dream sex.

General Prompts: (can be tricks or treats; Phrased as "Chosen Character...")
  • Gets bitten by a werewolf/vampire/zombie.
  • Gets caught doing something criminal/is arrested/put on trial/sent to prison.
  • Gets possessed.
  • Has 24 hours to live/find a cure/save the world
  • Has a nightmare.
  • Has a secret admirer.
  • Has abandonment issues.
  • Has amnesia or is faking amnesia.
  • Has an undeserved reputation.
  • Has an unexpected pregnancy (female only please).
  • Has split/multiple personalities and/or other character(s) are the figment of their imagination.
  • Has survivor guilt.
  • Has trust issues.
  • Is abducted by aliens.
  • Is actually an undercover cop/mole of some sort.
  • Is allowed to watch F/F couple but not touch (male character fetishizing lesbians).
  • Is allowed to watch M/M couple but not touch (female character fetishizing gay men)
  • Is attacked and fed on by vampire character.
  • Is attacked by has superpowers/is a supernatural creature and turns the tables on their attackers.
  • Is being haunted.
  • Is bodyswapped and uses it to their advantage to seduce Character B while they are bodyswapped into someone Character B would normally be attracted to (aka their partner/crush)
  • Is bodyswapped with someone really awkward (including family members)
  • Is bodyswapped with someone they don't get on with.
  • Is bodyswapped with that one person they want but really can't have.
  • Is bodyswapped within a romantic or sexual pairing.
  • Is caught in the act, whatever act that might be.
  • Is forced to participate in illegal activity.
  • Is forced to rely on enemy/rival.
  • Is forced to watch while another character does something to their loved one/partner (whether that person is consenting or not)
  • Is having to work as a sex worker of any kind for whatever reason.
  • Is miles from anywhere.
  • Is on the run.
  • Is secretly a serial killer/Is not so secretly a serial killer.
  • Is shipwrecked/stranded on a desert island.
  • Is some sort of creature that goes into heat.
  • Is stalking someone/being stalked.
  • Is the hallucination of another character/is hallucinating other characters (doesn't have to be mental illness, can be drugs, dehydration/fever dreams)
  • Is the only one left alive.
  • Is trapped in a confined space with another character.
  • Loses their powers/immortality and has to deal with being human.
  • Secretly has superpowers.
  • Sells their soul.
  • Wakes up from a coma and everything has changed.
  • Wakes up in a "normal" world/mental asylum and it's all a dream or they're told they are mentally ill BUT ARE THEY?
  • Wakes up next to a dead body with the police banging on their door.
  • Was resurrected/came back wrong.
  • Woke up gay.
  • Woke up in bed with Character B and no memory of how they got there.
  • Woke up in Hell.
  • Woke up in Purgatory.
  • Woke up invisible.
  • Woke up sharing a body with someone they love/hate/never really felt one way or the other about.
  • Woke up telepathic.
  • Woke up with wings.

Requested Fandoms and Characters (In no particular order, just where my mouse happened to land while signing up)

The Originals and The Vampire Diaries
  • Elijah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Freya Mikaelson, Davina Claire, Vincent Griffiths, Tatia, Genevieve, Hayley Marshall, Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennet, Katherine Pierce, Lexi Branson, Rose
H2O: Just Add Water
  • Rikki Chadwick, Emma Gilbert, Cleo Sertori, Bella Hartley, Charlotte Watsford, Miriam Kent
American Horror Story: Hotel
  • Hazel Evers, John Lowe, James Patrick March, Countess Elizabeth Johnson, Ramona Royale
The Borgias
  • Micheletto, Rodrigo Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia, Cesare Borgia, Juan Borgia, Giulia Farnese
  • Proinsias Cassidy, Jesse Custer, Tulip O'Hare, Lara Featherstone, Klaus Starr (Herr Starr), Adolf Hitler, Fiore
  • Philip Carvel, Milner, Jessica Hyde, Pietre "Arby" Carvel, The Assistant for Utopia.
  • Liv Moore, Peyton Charles
  • Arthur Pendragon, Morgana, Gwen, Gwaine, Mordred, Elena, Vivian, Sophia
Swiss Army Man
  • Hank Thompson, Manny

Preferred Pairings: (which can also mean threesomes/moresomes.)

I love rare pairs and I honestly couldn't list or even remember everything that I would read the hell out of. Pairings do not have to be limited to nominated characters. As long as it is not a DNW ship, if in doubt, write it!

OTPs (this doesn't mean you can't write something else with the characters, these are just my absolute favourite favourites)

  • Kol/Rebekah
  • Elijah/Klaus
  • Freya/Vincent
  • Davina/Marcel
  • Genevieve/Rebekah
  • Elena/Katherine

H2O: Just Add Water
  • Emma/Rikki

AHS: Hotel
  • The Countess/James Patrick March
  • The Countess/Ramona Royale
  • James Patrick March/John Lowe
  • James Patrick March/Hazel Evers
The Borgias
  • Cesare/Lucrezia
  • Cesare/Juan
  • Lucrezia/Jaun
  • Cesare/Micheletto
  • Cassidy/Jesse
  • Cassidy/Tulip
  • Tulip/Lara
  • Fiore/DeBlanc
  • Milner/Carvel

  • Liv/Peyton
  • Liv/Blaine
  • Peyton/Blaine
  • Liv/Gilda aka Rita
  • Peyton/Stacey Boss

  • Merlin/Arthur
  • Morgana/Arthur
  • Merlin/Mordred
  • Any F/F

Swiss Army Man
  • Hank/Manny

Other Ships I'm Cool With

  • ORIGINALCEST! That is any permutation of Finn/Elijah/Niklaus/Kol/Rebekah/Freya. Mikael too if you want. Lets get that out of the way now so I don't have to list it every time ;)
  • Elijah/Anyone
  • Klaus/Anyone except Cami
  • Rebekah/Any Female
  • Kol/Any Female except Davina
  • Kol/Any Male except Jeremy
  • Freya/Anyone
  • Davina/Any Female
  • Davina/Marcel or Davina/Vincent
  • Vincent/Anyone
  • Tatia/Any Mikaelson
  • Tatia/Any Doppelganger
  • Genevieve/Anyone
  • Hayley/Anyone
  • Elena/Anyone
  • Bonnie/Anyone
  • Katherine/Anyone
  • Lexi/Anyone
  • Rose/Anyone

H2O: Just Add Water
  • Any femslash ship between the nominated girls.

AHS: Hotel

The Borgias



  • Peyton/Anyone except Peyton/Ravi.
  • Liv/Anyone except Liv/Ravi.

  • Almost anything is fair game here except Merlin/Gwen.

Swiss Army Man

Fandom Specific Prompts

The Originals and The Vampire Diaries (including crossovers between the two)
This is my current main fandom at the moment so, absolutely anything. Things I like about TVD/TO is the amount of history that they just didn't even hint at ;) by that I mean, there are a lot of flashback gaps that can be filled and most of the time, you can fill it with whatever you like because there's very little in canon that can solidly say it didn't happen the way you want it to. This especially applies to vampire characters, even more so The Original Family but with magic in the mix, who's to say Bonnie doesn't travel back in time and ends up spending a day as the first Bennett witch. Origin stories for some of the less fleshed out vampires (Lexi and Rose, in particular) would be amazing. Contemporary settings are also full of possibilities, between all the magic flying around, biting them in the backside centuries later. Teen drama of the week amiss all the supernatural goings on. Future fic? I, ah, haven't watched the end of TVD but don't let that stop you if that's your setting. Or future fic that explores other outcomes.

H2O: Just Add Water
I won't lie, I watched this because of my obsession with Claire Holt, but I ended up really loving it, even after she left. My favourite thing about it is their connection to the moon, especially moon!drunk shenanigans. Again, with all the magic bouncing around Mako Island, it would be perfect to throw them for a supernatural loop. This would also be a nice one to throw in a shark drama! I get that this is a very ~teen~ show and not everyone is comfortable writing smut for younger-aimed fandoms but just in case you are, I wanted to explain why I would only like femslash. The thing is, all the het relationships were sort of weird to me. Most of the time the boys looked much older than the girls and there was a lot of lying and a lot of dysfunction but not in the fun way and to be perfectly blunt, it seemed like they randomly ended up with a guy that happened to be there simply to fill up a "she's a teenager, she must have a boyfriend!" quota. On the other hand, the girls were always open to each other and had a much stronger bond and it seemed more... natural to me that two girls of the same age going through some weird shit would find something deeper there. It felt like it should have been a more female-focused show but by the end, when everyone had a random guy... I don't know, it sort of lost that "girl power" vibe, especially when at times it fell back on the guy saving the day. So yes, would prefer femslash for that reason. Plus the world needs more femslash. For darkfic, I'd especially love to see either charlotte being the camp villianess and possibly kidnapping and doing something bad, of your choice, to the girls, or maybe Miriam decides she's done having her limelight stolen. If any form of time travel is your thing then I'd love to see them sent back to meet the original mermaid trio and am happy for any of them to be shipped with Gracie, Louise and Julia. Or I'd take a straight up replacement AU where they are the original mermaids and have to coach the new mermaids through the change. I'm mid-season 3 so I don't know the canonical ending yet but I'd love to see Emma come back from her round the world trip and discover she's been "replaced", either leading to hurt feelings and the girls convincing her they didn't replace her or maybe a rivalry with Bella that turns into an enemies to friends to lovers trope.

Crossover between TVD/TO and H2O
I don't normally do crossovers unless its a shared universe, but this is my number one exception and I would be thrilled with an AU where either Rebekah or Hayley wake up as either Emma or Cleo (or both wake up as both) and they have to navigate both losing their vampire/hybrid powers and gaining mermaid powers and they have to come to terms with the fact they are teenagers again and all the hormones and mood swings and teen drama. All F/F ships welcome, including crossover ships (so Rebekah/Rikki or Hayley/Rikki, Rebekah/Cleo or Hayley/Emma), or gen is fine too.

American Horror Story: Hotel
I love all the American Horror Story seasons (ok, I wasn't that keen on Roanoake and I haven't even bothered with the election one this year but before that), and I'm pretty sure had I the room to nominate/request them all, I would have. But alas, I had to pick one and I picked Hotel because like Murder House, it has a lot of potential for different eras and gaps to be filled but it also has some possibilities for future fics too. Maybe a character from another season comes to stay at the hotel and oops, they bite the dust and end up James' plaything. Or The Countess spots them and makes them into a vampire. Keeping it strictly in season is cool too. They did a pretty good job with origin stories but it'd always be nice to see the gaps fleshed out or see them from another POV. Hazel's POV on anything and everything would be lovely, she was such an under used character.

Crossovers with AHS: Hotel
Again, I know I said no crossovers but damn it, the potential here. Full blanket permission to take any requested character from any requested fandom and have them take a trip to the Hotel and either, John Lowe style try to figure out what is going on here or tragically, they die in the hotel and have to navigate being a ghost. Another idea could be a fusion AU, so for example the cast of another requested fandom replacing the characters in AHS: Hotel and doing their take on it. Or if Hotel isn't your vibe but another season is, you can fusion any requested fandom with Murder House/Asylum/Coven/Freak Show (and even Roanoke if you can pull it off better than canon did).

The Borgias
Oh the moral ambiguity (or in cases, straight up lack of morals point blank) against the backdrop of Catholicism. I love how each character has a different set of flaws and how sometimes different family members make those bad points worse and sometimes they make them better. In case it wasn't said enough, a-ok with incest ships here, the darker and the more dysfunctional the better. I love Cesare's obsession with Lucrezia's innocence and her purity even though she's seen and done terrible things herself. I love the canon setting the most but I'd be open to AUs of them as the same sort of powerful family at different points in history. I'd also be interested in a turn left style "what if Rodrigo hadn't been elected Pope" AU. I'd love to see something about the time where Lucrezia stood in for Rodrigo in ~the chair~ and how she felt about it, how Cesare felt about her outranking him. Maybe a post-canon glimpse at their life after Rodrigo's death for those who outlive him. For halloween themes, obviously celebrating it and masked balls and such but also maybe, what if Lucrezia actually was a witch and the rumors of her poisoning people was actually magic? What if, rather than syphilis, Juan was bitten by a werewolf or another creature? Is Micheletto so skilled a assassin because he's actually a monster hunter? Succubus/Incubus AU? Vampire AU?

Well, if you can top canon right now! The two plotlines I'm really loving right now is the order of the grail with Herr Starr and Lara being my favourites there, and then the whole Hitler in hell. Yes, I know that's probably controversial, trying to humanize Hitler but this show put God in a puppy play scenario, let's not pretend it's the most controversial thing. If you want to go there with Hitler and write something that humanizes him, I would love to see his arrival and ruling of hell and how that changed him. Or if you are against a redemption theme and want him to suffer then go wild, gangbang in hell, anything you like, the dude is Hitler after all. Same with Herr Starr, you could go deeper into his motives and his origin story or roll with him taking on something too big and he gets his just desserts. Lara, I would love some undercover romance with Tulip. She doesn't have to fall for her or change who she is, it can be straight up manipulation. I'm good with all the usual Jesse/Cassidy/Tulip love triangle, tension, angst, anything you want to do with any ships there. Fiore is there because I loved Fiore/DeBlanc in Season 1 and would love either something that explains or fixes DeBlanc's death or something nice and happy with them or something darker that plays up to the theory that maybe one of them isn't an angel and they fathered Genesis or just something a bit gritty from their past or as always, their origin story. For Halloween fics, maybe something bad happens and Cassidy has to turn another character, possibly against their will. Cassidy's early days as a vampire or even a day in the life as Cassidy the vampire. Making time in their road trip to celebrate Halloween. If you want to go a different route with the dark, Jesse's abuse of Genesis could come in handy.

I adored 2x01. Lets get that on the table straight away. Anything with 2x01 or the fall out between that and modern day or even future fic showing the fall out of their choices, especially Milners. Pre-canon fic of their lives before they met. Missing scenes between them. I love that quote about how sex would somehow cheapen the intellectual bond between them and I would greatly love to see that go to hell in a handbasket because ~base human impulses~ that they can't control. Maybe some science gone wrong in this one, they create an aphrodisiac or instead of a ~whatever they were trying to create at the time~. Halloween themed AU maybe it doesn't steralise people, maybe it causes a Zombie apocalypse and they're the only few left alive. For Jessica and RB, I would like to see something of a happy ending or a time when they were happy. An AU where they didn't get separated, where Jessica helps him with his psychological issues. Or maybe they are a duo of psychopathic/sociopathic killers. Or an AU where when Phillip "dies", Milner makes sure she gets the kids somehow, for whatever reason. For kinky fics, I'd love to see what Milner or Phillip do to de-stress, if you know what I mean. An AU where she doubles up as a dominatrix and he's her client. Maybe it was a swingers party where they met. The Assistant can be slotted in there somehow, I would love to see Milner requesting his "services" and him being more than happy to serve. Or perhaps the whole thing unfolds from his perspective. Is he in love with her? Why does he give his life up for her?

Well, this one comes free with a halloween theme. Lets open with swapping the ~supernatural element~ around. It's not zombies, it's vampires/werewolves/incubi/mermaids/superpowers. Pick a mythical creature out of a fable book and run wild. AU where Liv wasn't at the boat party but Peyton was. Or they went together. AU where they swap moral roles. Maybe Peyton is the criminal element, turning zombies and selling brains while Blaine is the DEA's assistant, trying to bring it all down. Maybe Peyton is the one Liv broke the engagement of with. To be honest, anything Peyton/Liv is a winner for me. AU where Liv is the one that takes the cure and loses her memory (or pretends to, for whatever reason). Zombie!Sex. Show me all the creative ways they come up with for getting it on without turning their lover into a zombie. Actually that reminds me of something.... Pushing Daises AU anyone? Especially if Peyton is the Pie Maker and she brings her childhood crush, Liv back from the dead but those roles don't have to be set in stone. Darkfic could involve either of them getting captured and played with, either by Blaine or Rita or Stacey Boss or another bad guy of the week. I can't remember John Doring's character's name of the top of my head (the new guy in charge of the military zombie thing) but he could give off a bad guy vibe. And the classic, moment of life or death for Peyton and Liv has to turn her, possibly against her will.

Lord I could be here all day. Merlin was my main fandom for a long time and I still hold a lot of love for it and I could list every magic gone wrong/love spell/evil thing of the week. But I would be here all week. So if in doubt, write it. There's very little that won't work with Merlin. Some die hard favourites though include Beltane (sexy) rituals, evil Morgana doing dirtybadwrong things to people, innocent good Morgana having dirtybadwrong things done to her or hell, evil Morgana bites off more than she can chew and has dirtybadwrong things done to her. I would really love some rare pairs and especially rare pair femslash to happen but I'm really easy with ships on this one, just not Merlin/Gwen because that felt so awkward and cringy when they tried it in S1. Would prefer canon era over modern but I won't rule modern out.

Swiss Army Man
Ok so bear with me, I know this was slated as a film about a farting corpse but for me, it was a hell of an emotional rollercoaster. Maybe because I'm weird and ship weird things, I don't know but I laughed, I loved, I bawled my eyes out. Anything you write for this will bear my undying love. The only prompts I can think of is something like it really does unfold like Hank imagined, a post-canon fic where he keeps hallucinating Manny or is haunted by Manny's ghost. Maybe take it through an Odd Couple AU route and Manny wasn't a corpse but a zombie or a vampire that needed reviving. Going to get real dark and say necrophillia is ok for this one assuming it remains in context with the canon.

Crossovers with Swiss Army Man
Ok, so again, I'm going to lift my crossover rule for this one because I love weird odd couple scenarios and this is as odd as it gets. You can take any one requested character and replace Hank or Manny with them to create a crossover or you can any requested fandom and take a ship, obviously with at least one requested character, and replace Hank and Manny with them and do a straight up retelling. Doesn't have to be slash, can be het or femslash. Again, with the plotline being what it is, necrophillia is ok within the context of the canon material. Third option, you can take any Harry Potter character and replace Hank with them to make a Harry Potter crossover but for it to count under and assigned fic, Manny must remain as Manny and not be Harry. Or at least not explicitly. If you want to do it as a treat then by all means, you can make him Harry.

Really Specific Prompts (aka; kink meme prompts)
As and when I have time, I will try to leave any specific prompts that I've seen and would like written as a tree in the comments section. If you would like to know if I'm ok with a kink meme prompt you have in mind, either as an assignment or a treat, please leave it anonymously or pass it onto the mod to pass onto me. If in doubt though, write it. Porn is porn is porn and even if it's not my cup of tea personally, more porn is always a good thing in my book!

I've listed some over the last few days and I just wanted to disclaimer the varying levels of prompts. It's not a preference thing, it's an admin thing. These are all prompts from my "prompt bank" so to speak. I only started noting down prompts I liked in the last year or so which means some newer to me fandoms I have lots of prompts saved but fewer older to me fandoms. They're oddly grouped because I used to keep them in spreadsheets by event then I changed to by fandom and I haven't got around to swapping everything over.

If you like the look of a prompt but it says character a/character b and you want to write it character c/character d then for the most part I'll say go ahead and write it with a different ship, as long as it's not a DNW ship. If you're unsure, feel free to ask.

For a few prompts I've put some notes in italics. Those are things I've added to the prompt if I would prefer it handled a certain way. I've also edited some prompts from the original prompt to open it up to more ships or narrow it down or just because I like the prompt but would prefer it with a different ship. If you recognize a prompt it's because yep, if I didn't mention, these aren't my personal prompts, they are prompts I've saved because I like them/thought I might write them one day (then never did lol). If you recognize a prompt and it's yours, I'm sorry for... ah, liberating? it for my own purpose but hey, it could get filled and that's always a good thing right <3

Sex and Candy
I mentioned before that I was open to treats and planning to write treats. Well, this is a little cheeky and I hope it's allowed but I'm just going to quickly list all the fandoms that I would love to read but couldn't request because I'd need an unlimited sign up sheet. So that even if nobody ends up requesting them, you know that someone wants them and you can treat someone to them. Or just use me as an excuse to write what your heart desires.

Alternatively, think of it this way. I'm personally hoping to create a lot of dark and/or smutty treats for this fest but I don't want to step on toes or sometimes nobody has requested that ship or they requested a character but ruled out a ship, whatever. So I don't want to drop a load of porn on someone who for example, requested the character but preferred not to have porn written for them. But I still want to write it.

Well, consider this my blanket request. I am the room of requirement, where you can put your stray fics. If you want to write something for these fandoms but worry nobody will want it, gift them to me, I will happily have them. Any nominated character and/or ship in these fandoms. Nothing is too dark. Nothing is too kinky. GIVE IT TO ME <3

PS It doesn't have to be sexy for me to give it a home. And obviously, treating the people who requested these fandoms should come first, if compatible and if requested.

PPS If there's anyone out there that shares any of these fandoms and would like to return the favour and give my weird, kinky and darkfics a home, I'd very much like that and have left a comment box below for people to tell me their fandoms <3

Books & Literature

  • Ancient Egyptian Religion
  • Black Beauty - Anna Sewell
  • Dracula - Bram Stoker
  • Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
  • Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
  • Hannibal Lecter Tetralogy - Thomas Harris
  • Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
  • Mesopotamian Mythology
  • Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Slavic Mythology & Folklore
  • A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
  • Vampire Chronicles - Anne Rice

Cartoons & Comics & Graphic Novels

  • Futurama
  • Scooby Doo - All Media Types

Celebrities & Real People

  • Historical RPF
  • Napoleonic Era RPF


  • 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
  • Beetlejuice (1988)
  • Brokeback Mountain (2005)
  • The Cabin in the Woods (2011)
  • Carrie (1976)
  • Clue (1985)
  • The Conjuring (Movies)
  • Final Destination (Movies)
  • The Final Girls (2015)
  • Frozen (2013)
  • Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
  • Jurassic Park (1993)
  • The Lord of the Rings (Movies)
  • Night at the Museum (Movies)
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (Movies 1984-1994)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (Movies)
  • Psycho (1960)
  • Saw (Movies)
  • Scooby Doo - All Media Types
  • Sherlock Holmes (Downey films)
  • Swiss Army Man (2016)
  • Van Helsing (2004)
  • Victor Frankenstein (2015)
  • Wolverine (Movies)
  • X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies)
  • X-Men (Original Timeline Movies)

Other Media

  • Confessions of Dorian Gray
  • Disney Princesses


  • Jesus Christ Superstar - All Media Types
  • The Tempest - Shakespeare

TV Shows
  • Addams Family (TV 1964)
  • Alice (TV 2009)
  • American Horror Story: Coven
  • American Horror Story: Freak Show
  • American Horror Story: Hotel
  • Angel: the Series
  • Bates Motel (2013)
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Black Sails
  • The Borgias (2011)
  • Breaking Bad
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Doctor Who (2005)
  • The Following
  • Forever (TV)
  • Friends (TV)
  • Game of Thrones (TV)
  • H2O: Just Add Water
  • Hemlock Grove
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Humans (TV)
  • iZombie
  • Merlin
  • Midnight Texas
  • The Originals (TV)
  • Penny Dreadful (TV)
  • Preacher (TV)
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Rome (TV 2005)
  • Scooby Doo - All Media Types
  • Selfie (TV)
  • Sherlock (TV)
  • Smallville
  • Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Supergirl (TV 2015)
  • Supernatural
  • Teen Wolf (TV)
  • Torchwood
  • True Blood
  • Utopia
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Versailles
  • Westworld
  • Whitechapel
  • The X-Files

Uncategorised Fandoms

  • British Mythology & Folklore

I hope they give out prizes for the longest letter because I must have won. Obviously nothing is binding except the DNWs but hopefully something here tickles you. If not, go with your own thing and I'll be happy to try something new <3 If you would like specific requests for any fandom, character or ship then hit me up, I think I have anon commenting on. That applies for extra treats too.

Thank you again for making me something and double thank you for making it to the end of this letter.

Trick or Treat 2017 Letter [WIP]

Sep. 12th, 2017 12:20 pm
mossy_bench: cute candy corn (Halloween)
[personal profile] mossy_bench

THIS LETTER IS CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS. It will be completed at latest by Sept. 23rd.

This is my letter for [community profile] trickortreatex. Thank you so much for writing for me! You can find me on ao3 at Mossy_Bench. I've included some general likes and dislikes, as well as a couple lines about each fandom.

Please remember that you are not in any way obligated to create for any relationships or prompts I may bring up - they are all optional. All in all, don't feel pressured to make something you don't want to. I'm really not picky!

If you have any further questions, please ask through the mod and I'll be more than happy to answer them.


DNWs )Likes )

I have no set preference between AUs, canon-compliance, or canon divergence, unless I say otherwise, so go wherever your muse takes you! I'm open to all kinds of AUs (to name a few: space, Western, noir, historical, roleswap, etc.)


Murder Most Unladylike )
Shades of Magic )
The Shadow Campaigns )
Star Wars: Before the Awakening )
Star Wars: The Clone Wars )
Star Wars Sequel Trilogy )
Wolf 359 )

Trick or Treat 2017 Dear Creator Letter

Sep. 12th, 2017 08:15 am
[personal profile] weakinteraction
First of all, thank you for creating for me! I do love Trick or Treat; this year, I was really struggling to narrow down my choices so I decided to lean into the Hallowe'en theme a bit more than I usually do by requesting fandoms where the canons at least sometimes have supernatural/creepy/otherwise Hallowe'en-y things goings on. But if Hallowe'en's not your thing and you're just treating this as any other exchange, that's equally fine by me: it was just a way of deciding.

I've tried to keep this letter marginally shorter than some of my previous ones, so where I am repeating fandoms I've linked rather than doing wholesale cut and paste -- feel free to ignore the links completely, though, or equally free to dig through my older letters in general, if you want to; my tastes haven't really changed that much. (I marginally revised my noncon-related DNW earlier this year after realising it was too restrictive of things I was interested in, but that's about it.) However, please don't read anything into either differing lengths of prompt sections or differing numbers of previous requests as to my having a preference for one fandom over another -- each and every one of these fandoms is in my request because I would love to receive something for it.

I am requesting both fic and art (and both tricks and treats, though, depending on the nature of the canon, sometimes the balance is a bit lopsided in terms of the prompts) for all of these fandoms. My AO3 name is weakinteraction - same as this dreamwidth.

General | Darkplace | 16 Ways | LWYMMD | Bas Lag | SMAC | Marvel 616 | Marvel SW | Machineries of Empire

General likes/DNWs )

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace )

16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonald's (Twine game) )

Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift (Music Video) )

Bas Lag - China Miéville )

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri )

Marvel 616 )

Star Wars (Marvel Comics) )

Machineries of Empire Series - Yoon Ha Lee )

General | Darkplace | 16 Ways | LWYMMD | Bas Lag | SMAC | Marvel 616 | Marvel SW | Machineries of Empire


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