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Thank you, all, for your comments! We've made some decisions. These changes are all in the new FAQ and Rules.

Changes )

As for the schedule, we'll be trying our best to balance it between the exchange-heavy summer (including NOFM) and Yuletide. Here's this year's schedule:

Nominations open: July 17th at 11:55 PM UTC
Nominations close: July 31st at 11:55 PM UTC
Sign-ups open: August 3rd at 11:55 PM UTC
Sign-ups close: August 17th at 11:55 PM UTC
Assignments sent: August 22nd at 11:55 PM UTC
Default deadline: October 8th at 11:55 PM UTC
Assignments due: October 22nd at 11:55 PM UTC
Works revealed: November 3rd at 11:55 PM UTC
Authors revealed: November 8th at 11:55 PM UTC

Keep an eye out for a nominations post! If you have questions, leave them in the comments.
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(Reminder that while we now have two, new mods are welcome! Just email fgemods@gmail.com if interested.)

Based on the previous feedback post, there are some things we'll probably keep and some things we'll probably change.

First of all, we will be keeping the 2000 word minimum. People seemed to like it last round, and it seems in keeping with the spirit of the exchange.

Things we are considering, which we need your thoughts on:
  1. Merging treats into the main collection this year.
  2. Consequences for no-show defaulters (perhaps a make-up treat before next round). There could also be consequences for people who don't default by a certain deadline.
  3. Moving the exchange earlier in the year so that it has less overlap with Yuletide. Because of our late start, it isn't possible this round, but perhaps next round we can start around late June/early July.
  4. We are planning on extending the time between the assignment deadline and work reveals. How many more days do you think are needed? We were considering two weeks.

We are definitely going to adjust the art requirements. Here's what we have so far (much thanks to [personal profile] hm_f , who gave us many helpful suggestions last feedback post!):

You must submit complete art—sketches are not permitted. Art must be a minimum of lineart with basic colors/tones as well as background OR two lineart drawings. Lineart may not stand alone as a gift without colors/tones/background. Art may be traditional or digital, but cannot be drawn on lined paper. Manips and other graphics are not permitted.


New Mods

Jul. 7th, 2017 11:51 am
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Hello all! Fandom Growth is back, but since the mod team is starting from scratch, new mods are still needed. Some people have expressed interest already, so hopefully this will be figured out soon.

If you are interested in modding, please email fgemods@gmail.com. Previous exchange experience would be great.

Things are still very up in the air, so I'm afraid I might not have answers, but leave questions if you have any!


Nov. 15th, 2015 07:21 pm
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Looking back, we can see how some things worked...and how other things did not.

We already have a few thoughts for next year, if there's interest in a second round. For example, if we retain the 2,000 word minimum, we will have art guidelines more on par with that. (Most artists may not need these, but we recognize that they ensure a more balanced exchange of gifts.)

Additionally, the schedule will be structured to reflect the needs of this exchange. Because things were underway before we took over, we tried to treat this as much like other exchanges as we could, but that backfired on occasion. Next year, we will allow more time where needed, and because we'll be there from the start, we can set a realistic schedule which won't require us to push back dates.

But those are just a couple of our thoughts, and right now, we'd like to hear yours: What would you change? What would you leave as it is? Would you consider participating in a second round?
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First, we want to thank everyone for their patience throughout this exchange. To say it's been a learning experience would be quite the understatement.

Second, we understand that the timeframe for pinch hits is brief. We can offer a little more time, if it helps -- particularly if it helps anyone on the fence.

We have two options we feel might work. Please let us know if either/or work.

(1) We delay archive reveals by 24 hours. Gifts would be revealed on Saturday, November 7th, at 11:55 PM UTC -- middle of the weekend rather than the beginning.

(2) We delay archive reveals by 36 hours. Gifts would be revealed on Sunday, November 8th, at 11:55 AM UTC. That's early, early Sunday morning for US participants. Still gives us most of Sunday, but not an entire weekend.

Again, thanks for your patience. Look for a feedback post after we've done artist/author reveals. We've definitely learned a lot this year!

- FGE Mods

ETA: PHs will be due 6 hours before the archive goes live, whether it's Saturday or Sunday, in case pinch hitters drop out.
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Writers are starting in, and we'd like to remind everyone about our letters post available here!

Writers are required to honor DNWs, but other details are optional. If your letter is locked, now is a good time to unlock it. Now's the time to share what you love about your fandoms and relationships and offer any prompts for stories you've been hankering to read.

Letters Post | Fandom Promo Post
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We currently have five open pinch hits. Please take a moment to check them out.

Pinch hits are awarded on a first come, first served basis. Comment to this post with your AO3 username and the pinch hit you wish to claim. (Comments are screened.)


Open Pinch Hits )

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We have six initial pinch hits. Please take a moment to check them out.

Pinch hits are awarded on a first come, first served basis. Comment to this post with your AO3 username and the pinch hit you wish to claim. (Comments are screened.)

Pinch Hits — Batch #01 )
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Assignments have been sent! You should receive an e-mail from AO3 with the details of your assignment soon. If you do not receive an e-mail within 24 hours, and it isn't in your spam folder, please contact us at fgemods@gmail.com. You can also find your assignment on your Assignments page, located at: http://archiveofourown.org/users/YOUR-USERNAME-HERE/assignments

If you haven't shared your letter yet, you can still do so at the letters post.

Remember, assignments are due no later than Saturday, October 31 at 11:55PM UTC. (What time is that for me?)
  • Art requirements: You must submit finished art—sketches are not permitted. Art may be traditional or digital, but cannot be drawn on lined paper. Manips and other graphics are not permitted.

  • Fic requirements: You must submit complete fic. Fic must be a minimum of 2,000 words and must stand on its own.

We will post instructions on uploading your assignment as the deadline approaches!

We also have an initial batch of pinch hits coming, so be sure to check those out.
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Sign-ups close on August 24 (Monday) at 11:55 AM. If you would like to add a bucket request or offer, more information can be found on this post.

To convert 11:55 AM UTC to your time zone, you can use this event time announcer. You can also use this converter: Choose Use The Following Date and Time, set the date to the 24th, and set the clock to 11:55 AM. For the first time zone, choose UTC (the list is alphabetical, so it will be near the bottom). For the second time zone, select yours.
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So we allow bucket offers and the request was made to see a list of all offers not on the sign-up summary. Here it is! This list now also includes offers with no requests

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Sign up here if you would like to receive notifications on pinch hits for the Fandom Growth Exchange!

Please comment with your email address and AO3 name. Comments will be screened.

Letters Post

Aug. 10th, 2015 06:00 pm
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Post links to your letters here.

Copy and paste the form in the textbox to a comment.

Sign-ups info and guide here.
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Sign-ups close Sunday, August 23 at 11:55 PM UTC Monday, August 24 at 11:55 AM UTC. (What time is that for me?)

Sign-up Form | AO3 Collection | Tagset | FAQ

If you're new to exchanges, this guide will walk you through signing-up. You can also read this tutorial from AO3.

Please note:
  • You may edit your sign-up as much as you want until the deadline.

  • Requests will be visible throughout (and after) sign-ups.

Fandom Growth Exchange: Sign-up Guide )
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Thanks to everyone who nominated! We still have some outstanding questions to get certain things into the tagset the right way.

A few notes:

  • Please everyone check your nominations in the tagset, especially if you nominated in a fandom with multiple subfandoms. Some things from the initial round of nominations got moved around by tag migration, and while we attempted to put everything where it belonged, let us know if we got it wrong.

  • Some relationships were moved to a higher level fandom, such as from Agents of SHIELD to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, if not all characters appeared in the subfandom. Rather than reject your relationship as a crossover, we bumped it upward to a broader fandom tag.



  1. Would the person who nominated The Hobbit - All Media Types please let us know if there are any missing relationships?

  3. As far as we can tell, Cassandra Cain and Harleen Quinzel do not appear in DC Super Hero Girls. Where were they supposed to be nominated?

  5. Would the nominator of the Henry IV plays by Shakespeare please contact us? We are not sure how these were originally nominated.

  7. In Hetalia: Axis Powers, we cannot find the characters Vichy and Marianne listed anywhere. Could they be alternate names or nicknames?

  9. In Wild ARMs 3, we cannot find the character Leknat listed anywhere. Is this character canonical/native to the canon?




I'm trying another format to see if I can get help sorting out these Marvel noms. These are the potential nominations by fandom. If you nominated any of these relationships under a particular fandom, please respond and confirm which fandoms. All of these relationships had experienced AO3 fandom tag migration and appeared under multiple fandom tags.


Marvel Cinematic Universe )


Marvel (Comics) )


Marvel 616 )


Marvel Noir )


X-Force )


Ultimate Spider-Man (Cartoon) )


The Amazing Spider-Man (Movies - Webb) )
If we don't hear one way or the other before sign-ups open, we'll use our best judgment to place those relationships.
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The following nominations were rejected for the reason provided. If you feel we rejected your nomination in error, feel free to comment below.

11+ Works by 6+ Authors

These did not meet the criteria for 10 or fewer works by 5 or fewer authors on AO3, filtered by complete and in English and appearing in the requested fandom.

  • Fandom: Alliance-Union - C. J. Cherryh

  • C. J. Cregg/Simon Donovan (West Wing)

  • Robert Downey Jr./Chris Evans (MCU RPF)

  • John Stewart/Wally West (JL & JLU)

  • Rikki Barnes/Anya Sofia Corazon (Marvel 616)

  • Alana Bloom/Margot Verger (Hannibal TV)

  • Bellatrix Black Lestrange/Narcissa Black Malfoy (HP - Rowling)

  • Cho Chang/Luna Lovegood (HP - Rowling)

  • Leo Fitz/Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie (AOS)

  • John Constantine/Zatanna Zatara (DCU Comics)

  • Agatsuma Soubi/Aoyagi Seimei (Loveless)

  • Aoyagi Ritsuka/Aoyagi Seimei (Loveless)

  • Lirael (Old Kingdom)/Nicholas Sayre (Old Kingdom)

  • Hiruma Youichi/Takekura "Musashi" Gen (Eyeshield 21)

  • Finwë/Míriel Þerindë | Míriel Serindë (Silmarillion)

Crossover Relationship

Not all characters in these relationships appeared in the fandom they were nominated in.

  • Brian O'Conner/Gordon Cozier/John Rahway (Fast and the Furious)

  • Brian O'Conner/Gordon Cozier/John Rahway/Dominic Toretto (Fast and the Furious)

  • Nathan Petrelli/Peter Petrelli/Jim Profit (Heroes)

  • Peter Petrelli/Jim Profit (Heroes)

Original Character

One or more of the included characters does not appear to be canonical.

  • France & Vichy (Hetalia: Axis Powers)
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As a reminder, nominations close today, August 7th, at 11:55 PM UTC. This give you 7 hours to submit any last minute nominations. We also ask that you check this clarifications post, if you haven't already.

To convert 11:55 PM UTC to your time zone, you can use this event time announcer. You can also use this converter: Choose Use The Following Date and Time, leave the date as it is, and set the clock to 11:55 PM. For the first time zone, choose UTC (the list is alphabetical, so it will be near the bottom). For the second time zone, select yours.

Submit your nominations here!

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