Aug. 3rd, 2017

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Sign-ups close August 17th at 11:55 PM UTC. (Countdown | What time is that for me?)

Sign-up Form | AO3 Collection | Tagset | FAQ | Bucket Offers/Requests

If you're new to exchanges, this guide will walk you through signing-up. You can also read this tutorial from AO3. If you have any questions, comment below.

Please note:
  • You may edit your sign-up as much as you want until the deadline.

  • Requests will be visible throughout (and after) sign-ups.

  • Some tags may not appear in the drop-down menu but can still be used by copy and pasting from the tag set itself.

  • If you encounter any problems during your sign up, please let us know ASAP; some recent exchanges have been hit by AO3 bugs.

  • Rule change this round: AO3 limits the number of relationships you can request/offer per fandom to 20. In order to make sure participants can still request/offer up to 20 relationships as well as up to 20 characters in one fandom, you can repeat a fandom once: that is, you can use up to 2 slots for each fandom. You must still have the minimum number of unique fandoms (3 requests and 4 offers). If you repeat a fandom, the tags used must be different: you cannot repeat characters or relationships under the same fandom.

How do I make requests? )

How do I make offers? )

How do I make bucket offers or requests? )

What does "Any Relationship" mean? )


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