Jul. 31st, 2015

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Since our last update, the tagset has been under construction:
  1. Unambiguous and unedited relationships have been migrated to a new tagset.

  2. Ambiguous and edited relationships have been collated.
As of this afternoon, we have a handful of fandoms left to sort through. However, AO3's downtimes have slowed our efforts, and we can't predict whether we'll be stalled by further downtimes.

That said, we plan to unveil the new, clean tagset on Saturday, August 1 — unless AO3 suffers a more prolonged downtime. When we do, we will post a list of relationships which require clarification. Those relationships will be added to the tagset as soon as possible.

We will also reopen nominations as soon as the new tagset is ready! After that, you will have another week to nominate.
  1. This means everyone who has already submitted nominations will have the opportunity to submit additional nominations — enjoy! But please, remember that these nominations require review and approval by us, your mods. Only nominate additional relationships if you plan to request and/or offer them during signups.

  2. This also means that if a fandom or relationship you nominated was previously rejected you will have the opportunity to re-nominate it. We will review any resubmitted nominations with an unbiased eye. If the nomination is rejected again, please respect that we are doing so to maintain the spirit of this exchange.
If AO3 continues to experience downtime — or if we're unable to produce the new tagset by Saturday evening — we will readjust the schedule to offer a few more days for nominations.


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