Aug. 29th, 2015

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Assignments have been sent! You should receive an e-mail from AO3 with the details of your assignment soon. If you do not receive an e-mail within 24 hours, and it isn't in your spam folder, please contact us at You can also find your assignment on your Assignments page, located at:

If you haven't shared your letter yet, you can still do so at the letters post.

Remember, assignments are due no later than Saturday, October 31 at 11:55PM UTC. (What time is that for me?)
  • Art requirements: You must submit finished art—sketches are not permitted. Art may be traditional or digital, but cannot be drawn on lined paper. Manips and other graphics are not permitted.

  • Fic requirements: You must submit complete fic. Fic must be a minimum of 2,000 words and must stand on its own.

We will post instructions on uploading your assignment as the deadline approaches!

We also have an initial batch of pinch hits coming, so be sure to check those out.
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We have six initial pinch hits. Please take a moment to check them out.

Pinch hits are awarded on a first come, first served basis. Comment to this post with your AO3 username and the pinch hit you wish to claim. (Comments are screened.)

Pinch Hits — Batch #01 )
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The collection has been opened for posting! Additionally, we've created a separate 2015 Fandom Growth Treats Collection. All treats should be posted there.

For those new to fandom gift exchanges, a treat is any art/fic not created by the assigned giver or pinch hitter. The treat does not need to meet any of the exchange requirements, except that it must feature an eligible relationship, and it must respect the recipient's do-not-wants.

This means that fic does not need to be 2,000 words. Additionally, although manips, graphics, edits, etc are not permitted for assignments, they are acceptable for treats.

However, treats must be complete, and like assignments, they must standalone from other works by the giver.

When you're ready to post your assignment:
  1. Go to your Assignments page on AO3. (

  2. Click Fulfill.

  3. The archive will automatically select this exchange and your recipient.

  4. Once your assignment has been posted, it will be anonymous until reveals. You can continue to edit it until the due date.

If you would like to post a treat:
  1. Go to the 2015 Fandom Growth Treats Collection.

  2. Under the title, click Post to Collection.

  3. Scroll down to the Associations section. You'll see the archive has chosen the treats collection for you.

  4. However, you will need choose the recipient. The simplest (and best) way to do so is to copy/paste their username into the Gift this work to field.

  5. Once your treat has been posted, it will be anonymous until reveals. You can continue to edit it until the archive goes live on November 6th.


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