Aug. 1st, 2015

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We've finished migrating fandoms and relationships from the original tagset to our new, revised tagset. We have a rather long list of clarification questions, just to be certain your nominations land where you wanted, so please take a look.

A few notes:
  • Some relationships have been removed from the tagset. These relationships were either crossovers (ineligible for this year) or had a fic/author count over the limit. However, if you believe a relationship you nominated should not have been removed (or was forgotten), please comment here. You can also contact us via email or the page-a-mod post.

  • Most of the relationships requiring clarification have not been migrated yet. Once we know where to place them, we will add them.

  • We've tried to catch all crossover and ineligible relationships, but a few might have slipped past us. If you see a relationship you feel doesn't belong, please let us know.

  • You may notice we frequently used parentheticals to note a specific fandom. Don't worry, we won't move your nominations around. Sometimes, when two fandoms share a character or relationship, those tags will wander away from where they were nominated. This stops this from happening.

New Tagset + Nominate

Archie Comics - All Media Types )

Divergent Series vs. Divergent Movies )

Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts )

Harry Potter )

Marvel )

William Shakespeare )

World Wrestling Entertainment vs. NXT )

Misc: Kingdom Hearts, Les Misérables, Dragon Age, Tolkien, & DCU )


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